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Jay-Z Magna Carter world tour

U.S. superstar Jay-Z headed out on his worldwide Magna Carter tour with a custom touring set rental package from LS-Live, having completed the show rehearsals and pre-build at the facility in Wakefield. Production Manager Bobby Schneider had worked with us before on the successful one-off Jay-Z show for the BBC Radio One Hackney Weekend and he knew we were capable of producing a quality stage set of this size in house within the tight time frame of around five weeks.

We worked with Lighting Designer Jesse Blevins and Designer Willo Perron to create a full scale set of bespoke aluminium cubes, manufactured on site and designed to flat-pack into five trucks along with a 2.2' high rolling house stage. One challenge that we pulled off was to integrate VER's LED blades and Pulsar ChromaPanels into the cubes so that they toured within the set and were easy to build and de-rig.The cubes formed runways and multi-level risers for the band and Jay-Z, with light up macralon decks to walk on, with an exact mirror copy of the set flown overhead.

The set incorporated 400 ChromaPanels and 17km of aluminium. Due to the scale of the set and number of pieces, we created a colour-coding and numbering system to indicate exactly where each frame should be positioned, then stored each section on a specific dolly that had a bespoke branded panel on the side with a 2D drawing on to show where each piece should go.

The project demanded constant communication, a huge amount of pre-planning and great team work. The aluminium frames were manufactured on site with the help of Prolyte Products UK and we constructed the set in the studio incorporating a rolling house stage from our rental stock and rigging brackets for the flown pieces.