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The Script

Irish rock band The Script promoted their third studio album #3 in the UK and Ireland with a rental stage set courtesy of LS-Live and Perry Scenic.


Taking the number of the album as a concept, the stage set was designed around the theme of number three, both in terms of structure and visuals. The downstage edge of LS-Live’s rolling house stage is wrapped with a 6’ high black and white vinyl scrim reading ‘three’ in many different languages. This is interspersed with gauze material to allow the sound from several sub speakers to blow through from underneath the stage.


The main stage structure was a bespoke variation of one of our standard touring rental packages, custom adapted to incorporate three video screens that run up from the floor in front of the audience onto the stage underfoot, then angle up onto a 3’ high platform upstage. We designed a unique steel frame for the installation of PRG’s Nocturne video screens, which attached to the stage deck, and fabricated a perspex cover with an aluminium frame to cover the video screens on stage so that the band could walk over the top of them.


Measuring 30m wide by 13m deep, the stage connected ego risers either side via bridge and wing sections, with lower tech areas to the rear with access steps. However the width of the stage was variable in order to accommodate smaller footprints in certain venues, so the 4’ bridging components could be taken out. The surface area of the stage was also covered in a black and white patterned printed graphic on a Marley floor covering courtesy of Perry Scenic.