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Tsingtao Dragon Masters

Chinese beer brand Tsingtao launched its national Dragon Masters Ping Pong experience tour with a bespoke fire-breathing, ball-shooting dragon created by LS-Live for client Mojo Fuel Ltd.

Tsingtao Dragon Masters capitalised on the latest bar-sport trend to create an engaging consumer facing activity in order to build awareness of the beer brand and connect with customers and retailers.

We turned Mojo Fuel’s initial sketch into a realistic render and, using our on site set design and fabrication expertise, we created a custom dragon robot that housed a special motor to make it move and fire ping pong balls across the table.

We built a test model out of wood to ensure the motorised ping pong shooter could maneuver easily inside the parameters of the dragon’s mouth. The dragon was constructed from laser cut aluminium profiles to give it a clean, sleek look and set off the LED lighting. We fitted a smoke machine inside its mouth along with some LED lighting, to give it a dramatic looking effect.