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Bring Me The Horizon


In October 2016, Bring Me The Horizon visited LS-Live Studio 001 for a full pre-production (staging provided by LS-Live) and band rehearsal, in preparation for their UK and European tour dates.

The production crew arrived at LS-Live’s purpose built arena-sized production rehearsal facility in Wakefield with nine trucks of equipment. They fully utilised our facilities throughout the week, including the use of the en-suite bedrooms, two production offices, catering area, green room, dressing rooms and the recently opened CATO music shop.

LS-Live Client Director, Bullet, has a well-established relationship with Production Manager Rob Highcroft which triggered the collaboration between LS-Live and Bring Me The Horizon on this project.

When we first received the stage designs from Okulus (Production Designers), it was soon apparent that due to it being a short tour we could fulfil the brief with 100% LS-Live rental stock. We supplied the set, the eight-foot stage extension and the central thrust.

Bullet of LS-Live, said: “We were toying with the idea of touring a rolling house stage as there were concerns that the J-SUBs and J-Infras would not go underneath the venues house stage.”

“The solution to save time and money was to conceal the subs at floor level beneath an LS-LIVE purpose-built, 60ft x 8ft stage front section.”

The overall end product resulted in a large-scale fresh and exciting production which consisted of a 60ft wide stage covered from top to bottom in LED projections and pyro making for a great show.

BMTH Production Manager, Rob Highcroft, said:

“LS-Live at Production Park is a great space. Your set, your rehearsals, your equipment and so on is all looked after in one place.”

“With all the other live-events companies based on site, every production need can be covered.”

“Now that there’s rehearsal spaces down in London too, it’s a real winner!”

BMTH performed gigs in London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Glasgow and a number of other venues around Europe including Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Stockholm to name just a few!

Take a look at the time-lapse video below to see the band’s full load-in and set rehearsals on their visit to LS-Live…