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Castrol Oil Viral

World class climber Leo Houlding navigated his way round huge climbing walls suspended from the LS-Live studio roof in West Yorkshire, during the filming for a Castrol Magnatec viral designed to conceptually illustrate the way the oil defies gravity to cling to the metal.

LS-Live liaised with Project/Production Manager Marcus Wookey and Matte Black Films' Nian Brindle during the planning stages of the shoot because they wanted to use our stage and set contruction facilities on site to design and fabricate the huge aluminium climbing walls.

Once built, we suspended them from the 16.5m high gantry roof, which can accommodate up to 128 tonnes worth of flown equipment, all ready to be filmed. The camera crew also made use of our motorised platforms to gain the height they needed for the cameras.

Click here for more information on our studio facilities and specifications, or download the information from our Downloads page.