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Mini Stage

The Mini Stage is LS-Live's smallest stage measuring 5.5m x 5.5m, with a maximum height grid of 4.2m and a central apex height of 5.6m. The Arc Roof is a fixed design based on a truss box construction with arches at either end, and a canopy supported by cross braces. The core structure is made from Litestructures Astralite 3 Truss, with a combination of standard lengths and custom corners.

The structure can support a small amount of lighting, but is not designed for large loads. The roof of the stage is covered in grey PVC material, with optional grey PVC back and sides. The standard stage base layout is a 16' (4.8m) wide by 16' (4.8m) deep stage, with a platform height of 0.6m (2'). Handrails are fitted to the rear and sides of the platform, and various ramp and step options are available for access. Due to the arch construction, PA wings are not available for this structure, with freestanding towers being the preferred alternative.


The Mini Stage has previously been hired to local community events in Wakefield, Leeds, Sheffield and York for crowds as small as 100, as well as for bigger festivals across the UK. 


To watch a video of the stage being built and in use at Raw Fest in Manchester please visit our YouTube Channel.

Typical Dimensions: 5.5m x 5.5m
Sheet Colour: Grey / Black (white or clear available as optional extra)
Flooring: Layher Event Deck
Build time: 4 Hours
De-Rig Time: 2 Hours
Crew & Transport: Supplied
Ballast: Concrete or water (supplied)
Plant Required: None