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Rolling House Stage

We specialise in industry standard rolling house stages for long-term installation or concert touring. Our rolling house stages are based on a LiteDeck stage system, complete with legs, handrails and step units and are fully compatible with all LiteDeck shapes. They are available in a variety of different sizes and heights, up to 60' by 40'.


The leg frame system has been designed incorporating feedback from crews and rental companies, to facilitate the fastest and easiest build possible. Using four way leg tops minimises the number of legs, whilst snap on braces are both quick and steady. The system also allows easy access to the underside of the stage with clear walkways under both upstage/downstage left to right.


  • Extremely lightweight: 8' x 4' unit weighs only 50kgs
  • Ultra fast assembly: 60' x 40' stage takes four men two hours to build
  • Curved/triangular and tiered configurations available
  • Rated to industry standard loading of: 5Kn/m2
  • Minimum rolling height: 5' 6" (1676mm)
  • Maximum rolling height: 6' (1828mm)
  • Static height: 5' (1219mm)


Download the Equipment Rental brochure.