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StageDex Rental

StageDex is a robust and flexible product that enables the build of stage structures, platforms and temporary flooring. The Prolyte product is born out of years of practical experience combined with sophisticated technique in manufacturing and design. StageDex is lightweight, yet it has a high load bearing capacity, making it suitable for concert stages where heavy equipment is used.

StageDex can be assembled and reconfigured quickly with minimal prior training and minimal tools, but we offer our rental products with rour experienced crew so we can take care of the build for you. We use StageDex in all kinds of applications and can design structures from scratch to incorporate a StageDex system. 

StageDex has a sleek, high-tech look and is ideal for corporate events, presentations or entertainment stage.


Our StageDex products measure 2m by 1m and are available to hire at £15 per week. Please email to make a rental enquiry or ask advice on designing your StageDex structure.