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Litestructures Studios has the X Factor

Litestructures Studios has kicked off 2008 with a series of concert production rehearsals from Editors, Westlife and X Factor Live.

X Factor Live held production rehearsals at Litestructures Studios for three days in February. For Production North's Iain Whitehead it was the first time to hold production rehearsals at Litestructures. For show finalists Andy, Beverly, Alisha, Same Difference, Niki, Hope, Rhydian, Futureproof and X Factor winner Leon, it was their first taste of live arena stardom.

While X Factor rehearsed in the Studio, the Litestructures stage and set department were busy putting the finishing touches on a custom stage set for Westlife. Litestructures has built Westlife's stage sets for the past five years, but this year's was the biggest yet with a 72ft wide, 40ft deep and 12ft high stage. It also featured Litestructures' brand new product, a 3.5m high modular climbing leg lift made of LitePro 4 Heavy Duty truss which was especially designed for the show. The stage was completed for the arrival Westlife who spent seven days rehearsing for their Coming Home tour at Litestructures Studios.

Fresh from their US tour, Editors dropped into Litestructures Studios for two days in February to prepare for their European tour which kicked off on 26th February in Glasgow. It was the first visit to the Studio for the band, but not for the tour manager Derek Fudge who was the first person ever to hire the Studio when it was christened by Coldplay back in May 2005.