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LS-Live Launches New Website

Welcome to LS-Live's new website! Recent developments and expansion have inspired us to re-design our online portal to reflect the various services and capabilities that our company offers to the world of live event production and entertainment.

Over the past year, LS-Live has grown to become all-encompassing resource for the staging and rehearsal needs of any event, with the largest stock of staging equipment in the UK and an expanded rehearsal facility.

The website,, allows visitors to easily navigate between the four main areas of our business: Studio; Staging Structures; Set Construction; and Equipment Rental.

Following the sale of aluminium truss manufacturing brand Litestructures to German company Prolyte last year, and the subsequent re-branding of our studio and staging rental business from Litestructures-LIVE to LS-Live, it became necessary to re-develop the website in line with the re-defined brand.

LS-Live also merged with staging and structures business Acorn Event Solutions in early 2011.The combined assets of the two companies meant we now boasted the biggest stock of staging rental equipment in the UK, with around 17,000 sq ft of Layher Event Deck alone. Together we developed the new modular Space Roof stage, a revolutionary system for large outdoor staging that requires fewer trucks, less manpower and fewer days to build than competitor stages, and can withstand higher windspeed and carry more weight.

Our new website allows visitors to see our entire range of stages, from the small Mini Stage up to the Space Roof, and view all the accompanying equipment that we can supply.

The website also shows the new facilities that we have here at the LS-Live rehearsal studio, including our modern en-suite bedrooms in the 'LS-Live Hotel', six dressing rooms, gym, green room, two production offices and multi-functional studios.

You can also sign up to our e-newsletter and link through to our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

We hope you enjoy the new website!