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LS-Live supports raw talent with staging for mini music festival

LS-Live rallied together with BACKSTAGE ACADEMY® and STS Touring Productions to sponsor a young entrepreneur’s plight to launch a festival in 25 days with £100 as part of an upcoming BBC competition.


Kris Sparrow, a young entrepreneur from Manchester, is one of 500 finalists in a BBC competition and decided to stage a festival as part of the next challenge. He turned to LS-Live, BACKSTAGE ACADEMY® and STS Touring Productions to provide advice, training and production support for Raw Fest on Sunday 27th May, which showcased the city’s finest unsigned artists and talent.


Said Sparrow: “I love music but I had never organised a festival before and I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone because it’s important to challenge yourself.


“I’m so grateful to all the sponsors that offered to support me in my mission. The festival production would not have come together without them and their guidance has been invaluable.”


LS-Live supplied its 5.5m x 5.5m Mini Stage for the outdoor area at The Rampant Lion pub, which played host to Black Lights, Butterfly Jam (formerly Sub Sub ‘Ain’t No Love’), Gold Jacks, Jimmy Lynch & Liam Ward, and Brouhaha. The Arc Roof is based on a truss box construction with arches either end, and a canopy supported by cross braces. The stage was also fitted the stage with grey PVC to cover the back and sides, and step units with handrails leading up to the stage at the front and side.


Said LS-Live General Manager Ben Brooks: "It's important for the longevity of our business to support up and coming talent both on stage and off stage. Our Mini Stage is perfect for small outdoor events like this that are looking to create a professional look in terms of production, and the bands love playing on it. 


"It's great that we are also able to help the students at BACKSTAGE ACADEMY® gain hands on experience of stage builds and load ins."


The students built the Mini Stage in under three hours, rigged the sound and lighting system for the outdoor stage and indoor DJ den (which featured DJs Mike Richardson (Unity FM), Alex Blaxx (The Hidden Label), Woody, Scooby Drew and Jut) and mixed the bands throughout the day.


Manchester’s STS Touring Productions supplied sound equipment for the event, including a digital mixing desk and PA for the main stage.


To watch the behind-the-scenes video of the event click here.

To see photos of the event visit our Facebook Page.