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Rihanna struts her stuff

Another challenge, another success for Litestructures. The US prodigy superstar singer Rihanna was also in the Litestructures Studio in November in preparation for her European tour which shares dates with the Pussycat Dolls’. We're so busy that we had to open the Studio number 2 for Rihanna’s visit. Whilst the Pussycat Dolls’ team were using the main big room, Rihanna was in the Studio 2 which is adjacent to the venue.
Once again, production time was tight for this project. The Litestructures’ Design team came up with a truly stunning set custom built to Rihanna’s own design and we had just one week to manufacture the entire set. With a lot of team effort, the set was ready on time and a few songs and moves from Rihanna and her dancers meant that the rigging crew enjoyed their day in the Studio as much as Rihanna did.