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Scissor Lifts

LS-Live is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of a range of Scissor Lifts, offering reliable automation as part of your show or tour. Our in house professionals at our base in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, are highly experienced in electronics and hydraulics, so we can also design and build custom scissor lifts to suit your requirements. For example, LS-Live created a bespoke scissor lift for the Olympic Torch Relay events in 2012 to raise performers up above the crowd. They come with easy remote control, risk assessments and optional crew.


  • 8' x 4' Scissor Lift
  • 8' x 8' Scissor Lift (2 x 8' x 4')
  • 8' x 12' Scissor Lift (3 x 8' x 4')
  • Scissor Lift Pump
  • Custom Scissor Lifts