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Weigh Your Show

Jay-Z, Florence & The Machine and One Direction have all made use of Load Cell Rental's tour weighing service during their show rehearsals at the LS-Live Studios in Wakefield.


Stage collapses and rigging incidents have tragically become more frequent. There is absolutely no reason why this should continue to happen.


Advances in engineering and technology continue to progress, shows are getting bigger and bigger, so it is more important than ever that you know the accurate weight of your flown system to make an informed judgement of what is, and isn’t, possible.


We strive to achieve a high level of corporate responsibility in everything we do and because our Studio is often the starting point for large scale tours, we felt it our duty to take action and help make shows safer.


Production Manager Richard Young launched weighing service and equipment rental company Load Cell Rental in the summer of 2012. LS-Live is now working with Load Cell Rental to incorporate the company’s show weighing service into our studio bookings package. This additional service means that bands, touring shows and film productions that use the LS-Live Studio can now sign up to a hassle-free weighing service on site and be provided with an accurate report that includes calibration certificates of all the cells.


Productions that book in to our rehearsal complex in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, will no longer have to rely on estimates to calculate the weight loads of their flown equipment when using this service.


Load Cell Rental will install clip-on cells during load-in, return to record the weight once the rig is hanging, remove the cells during load-out, then produce an independent assessment of the weight of the system. The calibration certificates of the cells used can be forwarded to all venues on the tour as part of the health and safety documentation in addition to the rigging plot.


LS-Live have access to Load Cell Rental’s large stock of load cells meaning even the biggest rigs can be measured in one go and the cells can be left in place until the show loads out of rehearsals. 


For more information, or to book your weighing service for your production at LS-Live, please contact email: or call: 44(0)1977659888.